ChriBobZeus the AstralFire (starofhope) wrote,
ChriBobZeus the AstralFire

I hate the Winter Holidays.

They bring me little joy at best, and much misery more often.

But snow? Some things can temper even my searing hatred. Snow is different, snow is beautiful. I just went out there and shoveled it for a few hours and the start of all that has already been swallowed up in pristine, fluffy whiteness. Everything is untouched, protected beneath gentle yet swooping curves.

It is refreshingly cold.

It is a good day. I called out of work today. I've never done that before with a job, but... this needs to be seen and witnessed.

I wrote a stupid poem about snow, once, when I was ten. It was the first time I'd ever really seen snow; 'twas the Blizzard of '96, and before that I'd lived in Puerto Rico or had grey Christmases. I still like it:
Snow, snow, snow
It's been awhile - don't go!
Pure white blankets the street,
Every school admits defeat.

Cars are sliding and they're slippin'
But happy kids are backflippin'
Yippee! We're free from school!
Now - Pun intended - ain't that cool?

Angels we have heard down low
Yep that's right - in the snow!
Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men
(After the snowball fight, only then)

Ack! You want me to do what?
Shovel the sidewalk, but, but!
So hey, we got a few more chores -
We also got a lot more snores.

Look at what the adults did, oh no!
They've, they've ruined our snow!
School tomorrow? Only delayed till noon?
Ack! Snow! Come back soon!

Happy Snow Day to you all, and to all a good night. :)
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